5 Benefits of Group Training!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone has had a productive and successful week! The topic of Group Training vs Solo Training came up in a discussion yesterday with a client of mine.  We discussed the benefits of group training with a partner(s) as opposed to going through the motions of the traditional big box gyms.  I

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I think one of the biggest challenges for everybody (including myself) is resisting temptation to all the amazing foods and treats that life has to offer.  Hopefully by the end of this blog I will have given you somewhat the tools to help you resist the urge. There are many techniques and tricks that you

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Setting Goals and Crushing Them!!!

“You Write Your Own Destiny.” Those are the words that I had tattooed on my forearm.  It’s just a daily reminder to me that I should be continuously setting goals for myself.  And when I set goals I take responsibility for the outcome.  It is my personal opinion that goals are what makes us who

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Since starting my own company from scratch I can truthfully and proudly say that I am more confident, humble, and open minded then I have ever been before. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think it is. I believe that all the hard work and sacrifices that my wife and I have made tested (and still does) not

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2015 Losing Big Winner: Emily Traviesa

Some people would have a hard time lifting 37 pounds but Emily Traviesa lost that much weight in South Tampa Magazine’s Losing Big competition. Her hard work, determination, and diet changes paid off – she is the winner of this year’s annual competition and says she’s looking forward to a lifetime of healthy living. Emily,

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