Getting Started

The first step in getting started is to schedule an appointment for your first class. You can do this via this page or call 813-758-0968, our schedule is also on Mindbody. Please arrive 15 minute prior to your first class, bring your ID (original, no photos or copies) and a gym towel.

You may also schedule an appointment to tour our facility before taking your first class. Please call 813-758-0968 to confirm the best time to come.

We will then conduct a body composition assessment. This involves collecting data on your height, weight, and determining your lean muscle mass and body fat percentage.

The next step is for us to design a recommended meal plan. This is a MAJOR part in expediting the results you wish to see. The more committed you are to following the recommended meal plan the faster the results will be obtained.

We will find the times that are best conducive to your schedule to come in for your first week of training. This week is an “experiment” of sorts… Meaning we will use this time to gauge the workouts in the weeks to come.

Finally you will have your profile added into our system which will allow you to register for Bootcamp classes you wish to participate in.

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