I think one of the biggest challenges for everybody (including myself) is resisting temptation to all the amazing foods and treats that life has to offer.  Hopefully by the end of this blog I will have given you somewhat the tools to help you resist the urge.

There are many techniques and tricks that you can do to help combat food and sweet cravings.  The three things that I do are :  1). Stay on a consistent meal plan program and drink plenty of water (stay hydrated)!  2). Journal my meals AND write in the times when I start having those cravings. 3). CLEAN out the pantry and give away ALL treats, snacks, or foods that are not on my diet!

The first thing you should do once you decide to clean up your diet is plan a timeline to consistently eat 5-6 well balanced small meals every 2-3 hours.  Depending on your goal and the type of meal plan, you must make sure that you are getting a sufficient amount of Protein, Carbs, and Fats throughout the day.  By consistently eating this frequently you will learn how your bodies metabolism works (fast or slow).  Keeping a consistent timeline for your meals will keep your hunger satisfied and allow your body to ignore the cravings for certain foods that you would normally indulge in.  Along with consistently eating meals it is not only healthy to drink plenty of water but it is also an old trick to help you not over eat or crave sweets as it makes you feel full.  If you are the type that gets bored with good ol’ H20…a trick for that is to SQUEEZE some lemon juice into the water.  You will be amazed at how good that will taste once you start kicking all the crap out of your diet.

As the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Trust me, I totally understand!  Journaling what you eat every day is so –F—— annoying!  However, have you ever sat down and thought about when you actually crave certain foods or meals in general?  By journaling from the time you have your first meal until your very last meal you will be able to pinpoint when you have those cravings and if there is anything specific that is making you crave those foods (ex. stress, boredom, or discipline).  Be honest about what you eat and by the end of the day review your journal and determine what you could have done differently.

All in all though, what you will require most is discipline and honesty.  If you are trying to resist the urge of crappy foods then you MUST do EVERYTHING to avoid them!   ESPECIALLY when starting a new program during the first couple of weeks while the temptation is still really high.  You need to clean out your entire pantry of ALL the junk that you have made a pledge to do without.  By no means do I want you to waste food and throw them out.  Give them to a neighbor, friend, or even donate them to a local shelter.   Have a friend there that you trust who will stand by your commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.  Replace all the food that you are getting rid of with ONLY items that are on your nutrition plan and healthy snacks.  Try and resist by NOT going out to restaurants ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel comfortable substituting foods that are close to your nutrition program. If you can’t avoid going to a restaurant (ex. A friends birthday celebration) then eat before you go and just have a refreshment while you are there or look up the restaurant menu before hand and pick a meal that is close to the one you are due to have etc.

Resisting temptations is not easy.  However, It is a challenge that can be conquered.  Practicing these techniques will eventually help you succeed when attending group gatherings, dinner outings or any situation where there maybe foods you are trying to avoid.