5 Benefits of Group Training!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone has had a productive and successful week!

The topic of Group Training vs Solo Training came up in a discussion yesterday with a client of mine.  We discussed the benefits of group training with a partner(s) as opposed to going through the motions of the traditional big box gyms. 

I have experienced both aspects.  Personally, I prefer training within a group.  It motivates me more to push myself to that next level!  

There are several benefits to group training. I’ll take just a moment to touch on 5 of the basics:

Motivation: Everyone needs motivation. Getting to the gym is hard enough, let alone coming up with your own workout, and be motivated to do it. A good coach is an even better motivator. Not only will the coach be motivating you, but the small group will motivate and push each other.

Accountability: With small group training, the coaches want you to show up. In fact, if you don’t show up, they are going to follow up with you. The coaches and the members within the group hold you accountable and won’t let you become a lazy ass.

Consistency: You alway’s here me say, “Consistency is the key to success!”  It is a straight up FACT!  Staying consistent in every area will only drive you closer and closer to your goal. Training with a group and a fitness coach will keep you more consistent with your workouts and will leave less room for excuses of why you are “not” able to workout!

Fun: My opinion….going into the gym by your self is boring. Fitness shouldn’t be boring. By doing things under the supervision of a coach, and in a small group, fitness becomes fun.  It also helps build relationships inside and outside the gym.

Results: As long as YOU set goals, stay consistent, maintain a well balanced nutrition program, and FOLLOW the protocol that is given to you by the coaches…. YOU WILL get results. The coach will keep you on track. Your group will keep you on track. The bottom line is your life will change, and you will get results.  

Doesn’t that sound fun? There will always be people who just want to go to a commercial gym and do their own thing. That’s fine. However, small group training is designed for people who want the accountability and direction of a coach, and get the added benefit of being with a group. The group knows each other, the coach knows everyone. Everyone has fun, everyone gets results, and everyone changes their lives.

I realize that it may be intimidating to walk into a new group alone for the first time. 

We at True Grit Fit have decided to help you take your first steps by introducing a Buddy System Program… We invite you and a friend to come and join our classes and help keep each other motivated, hold one another accountable, while having fun and seeing yourselves transform together. For a LIMITED time we will be offering a introductory Dual Membership at the Single Membership rate of ONLY $36 ($18 each).

Here’s how to register… Just call us at 813.758.0968 and let Letitia or Kelsea know that you want in on the Buddy System Program and they will get you all dialed and ready to begin training.

Until next time!

“If you’re afraid to fail, you’ll never succeed.” – Dan Gable

-Mike T.