We are often asked, What sets True Grit Fit apart from other gym?”

Let us compare:
“Big Box Gyms” selling point is simply the facility they provide. The membership fee allows for access to the facility, equipment, and amenities.

Some other generic training facilities that have gained popularity over the past several years focus on types of group training. Although they offer workouts designed and ready… Non-certified trainers are having individuals perform exercises and movements that they themselves tend to not be properly instructed in nor qualified to teach. You as a client are then expected to perform these complex movements at speed or weight determined to be the “standard” in which to do.

So what exactly is it you can expect from True Grit Fit…
In addition to having access to 10,000 thousand square foot training facility, you will have some of the best certified trainers in Tampa Bay guiding you through every single workout. These trainers excel with keeping motivation high while diligently observing for proper form and safety.

Workouts are structured to focus on 3 major areas: muscular strength/endurance, core support, and cardiovascular conditioning. The workouts from day to day are constantly changing so members are exposed to a variety of exercises and keeping the atmosphere fun and new. Workouts can quickly be adjusted to accommodate any member’s personal needs.

The Fitness Professionals at True Grit Fit are also available for any nutritional advice clients may have. All members have access to our weekly newsletters which include fitness tips, nutritional advice, recipes, and motivational/inspirational topics.

True Grit Fit’s purpose is to provide members with RESULTS in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment.


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